Ice Graft Method Supporting DHI Technique

With the IceGraft method, the hair follicles are stronger and the results are more efficient!

The follicle removed from your head is kept in a vitality-enhancing solution according to the IceGraft merhod applied before hair transplantation, and then cooling is applied.

As the tissue quality increases in the follicles where the technique is applied, hair transplantation is performed more successfully.

What Is the Icegraft Solution?

IceGraft solution is a mixture that is actively used in various fields of medicine, allowing the tissues and organs to be removed from the body without loss. If the hair follicles taken from the donor area during hair transplantation are soaked in this solution before transplantation, cell and tissue loss of the hair follicle is prevented.

Icegraft cleans the free radicals that attack healthy cells, regulates the pH value of the environment, provides diffusion support for the cell membrane and contains substances that maintain the intracellular ionic balance in the cold environment.