• Can I Get Rid Of My Scars With A Single Operation?

    Possible. However, in some cases where the subcutaneous circulation is not fully ensured, a second operation may be needed.

  • Is Scar Transplantation A Different Procedure Than Hair Transplantation?

    No. As similar to hair transplantation operations, scar transplantation is done by covering the open follicle area with the follicles extracted from the donor area. The procedure is exactly the same.

  • Which Anesthesia Method Is Used In Scar Transplantation? Is It A Painful Procedure?

    The operation is usually performed under local anesthesia. A painless method is used.

  • When Does My Hair Start To Grow After Scar Transplantation?

    As in hair transplantation operations, your hair begins to grow when subcutaneous circulation is completed. So the results are visible after the 3rd month.

  • How Many Hours Does Scar Transplantation Last On Average?

    The duration of this operation may vary depending on the size of the scar area. The procedure can take an average of 3-7 hours.

  • In Which Cases Scar Transplantation Is Done?

    It is applied to cover scars or open areas caused by accidents, burns, trauma, surgery, ringworm, etc.

  • Will My Scars Fade When I Have A Scar Transplant?

    No. Scar transplantation operations are not done to heal the scars, but to camouflage that area.