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GETDHI most important hair transplantation clinics in Antalya

GETDHI hair clinic is one of the most important hair transplantation clinics in Antalya, Turkey’s heart. GET DHI Hair Clinic, which is managed by experienced doctors who are globally recognized in their field, their patients’ satisfaction is at the forefront. Doctors follow all operations processes, and each team member involved in the operation has received medical training. Hair transplantation surgeries have been performed on many patients from different countries, and successful results have been obtained.


Latest Hair Transplant Method


DHI Direct Hair Implantation is the most advanced and innovative hair restoration treatment with Choi implant pen to treat hair loss in men and women painlessly and in a short time. DHI technique is developed on the basis of graft extraction

transplantation technique (as in Follicular Unit Extraction), hair follicles are collected from the donor area (where the hair is removed from the body, usually the back of the head) and implanted in the recipient area where balding is experienced.


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DHI Direct Hair Implantation is the most advanced and innovative hair


In general, DHI Beard Transplantation is the process of filling the gaps


Eyebrows are very important in creating clear and meaningful expressions for

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Professional Team

At the GET DHI Clinic, we have assembled an outstanding team of doctors who are innovators in the hair restoration and corrective operation fields.